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Agent Ally

                           for iPhone

                                        Beyond the Property Listing

Agent Ally

Agent Ally Features

The landing page is your central location to launch

many of the features the app provides:

  1. *Separate Buyer and Seller listing tabs

  2. *Search Capabilities

  3. *Expense tracker

  4. *Contact management

  5. *Mileage tracking

  6. *Statistics

  7. *Social Media

  8. *Backup and Restore options

  9. *filtering options for the various listing

Listing Tab Features

Manage all your listing from one convenient location.


* Property listing details

  1. *Buyer/Seller/Tenant/Renter

  2. *Address and URL mapping to Google Maps

  3. *MLS, listing date which will automatically calculate DOM Property Type

  4. *Transaction Status and Priority selection

  5. *Complete Listing detail organizer

  6. *Client Feedback area

Showing Property assistance - Never seen in iPhone app before!

Do you have to show more than 4-5 properties?

No Problems!

Help the app to help you prepare and organize your showing

  1. *List your property showing order

  2. *Enter necessary information like Supra and Security details

  3. *Notes Taking

  4. *Call your Showing Services directly from your app

  5. *Tab to Mark showed property to easily filter the properties already shown

Expense Tracker

Enjoy this simple in-app expense tracker feature to organize all expenses related to real estate. Very handy when tax season in near!


Have a quick glance of all your important information with a single click. Have a financial snapshot with total commission and expenses. Have a quick view of how many clients and sellers you have.


Search all records by contact name, address, MLS and other criteria.

Wait! There more!!

Advanced Details recording

Record important information like opposing agent contact information, Title Company contact details, Inception details and Closing details, featuring reason for a cancelled or sold transaction, and complete details for sold property, offered price, closing price, closing date and commissions for both you and your broker.

Contact Manager

Organize all you real estate contacts with this simple in app feature. The contact manager is completely separated from the iPhone address book to make sure not to clutter your personal iphone contact numbers.

Mileage Tracker

Track all your mileage related to your business with this in-app feature.

Social Media

Post on your Facebook wall or sent a twit on your twitter account directly from the app.

Filters Options

Agent Helpers features several filters options to see all you Sold, VIP clients, and any transaction that requires your immediate attention and several more.


Back and Restore your app. Initial setup is ready within minutes, and backup and restore option  are fast and easy to complete in a matter of seconds.

Setup your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Addtional features

  1. *Agent Helper support horizontal and vertical vies for all screens

  2. *Snap a picture of properties